Why Mykonos is the best destination for a wedding, the wedding party and the honeymoon

A wedding is a truly once in a lifetime experience since you only get married once, hopefully at least, it goes without saying then that it should be as perfect and as memorable as possible. This is why a lot of couples put a lot of thought into choosing the venue of the ceremony. They don’t want to just pick a nice and romantic place; they also want this place to double as a reception area and even as a honeymoon destination. Therefore, a lot of couple choose to get married abroad. Greece is one of the most popular destinations for summer weddings and that’s why Greece is one of the most chosen option for people to have their honeymoon in the Greek islands.

Greece is one of the most popular summer tourist destinations in the world, making it the perfect place for a wedding ceremony along with the wedding and an ideal honeymoon destination. When it comes to choosing a destination within Greece for such an “all in one” wedding, thousands of couples choose Mykonos. Why though? Let’s find out!

It’s easy to get to

Mykonos is one of the most popular summer destinations in Europe since it is visited by millions of people every year. This island in the Mediterranean might be small, but it is home to an international airport, with many flights arriving daily – especially during July and August – from many European cities. In other words, it is very easy for the couple and their guests to get Mykonos, since chances are that they will be able to get a direct flight to the island.

It’s a very luxurious destination

If you think that you have heard the name Mykonos before then chances are that you have since it is a favorite destination of celebrities such as the Kardashians, the Hadids, Victoria’s Secret models and many influencers and travel bloggers. As a result, some of the most ridiculously luxurious hotels and villas in Europe can be found there. Those hotels and villas will make the perfect for the wedding ceremony and the party afterwards and they can even host the friends and family of the couple who will get to the island to see them get married. If you want a truly extravagant wedding, then Mykonos is definitely the right choice!

You will definitely find wedding planners and other services

Like we said earlier, thousands of couples each year get married in Mykonos and because of that, a wedding industry has been formed on the island. There are many wedding planners in Mykonos all of them fluent in English and other languages, as well as other businesses – florists, caterers etc – that specialize in weddings. If you would like to plan your wedding with the least amount of hustle, Mykonos is definitely the right place for you since it can offer everything and everyone you will need for the ceremony and the party.

Fun is pretty much guaranteed

Mykonos is a famous “party” destination which means that many DJs and other artists and entertainers as well as exceptionally skilled bartenders and chefs work there. The staff of your wedding reception will be top notch and you can rest assured that everyone will have the time of their lives in a party that they will never forget.

It’s the perfect honeymoon destination

Another thing that makes Mykonos unique, is the fact that it is an amazing honeymoon destination, which is evidenced by the thousands of people that choose to spend their honeymoon there, regardless of whether they got married on the island or not. The island is known for its romantic atmosphere and scenic villages with white-washed houses and small churches as well as its wild night-life and excellent restaurants. Furthermore, it is the perfect jumping off point for a cruise of the Cyclades island group.

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